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PFT Class Offerings by Quarter

Planning Your PFT Schedule

Here are some important considerations when planning your schedule:

  • It's extremely important that students work closely with a PFT faculty advisor in planning their quarterly course schedule.

  • It's highly recommended that students complete the Math and English placement tests before or during their first quarter in the PFT program;

  • Most PFT classes are only offered once a year and must be taken in the prescribed order.

  • Most non-PFT classes are offered every quarter.

  • Students will be eligible for the PFT Certificate after completing all first year courses.

  • Students will be eligible for the PFT AAS Degree after completing all second year courses.

  • The classes you take each quarter will depend on which quarter you are starting the program. 

  • Use the PFT PLANNING SHEET to plan your schedule.