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If you enjoy exercise and helping people feel and look better, consider entering our Personal Fitness Trainer program.  Personal trainers are in high demand and qualify for very attractive wages.  Our program provides several degree options and will prepare you for nationally recognized personal training certifications.  Open enrollment means you can begin any quarter!

What Personal Fitness Trainers Do

Personal Fitness Trainers work with a variety of clients in one-on-one and small group settings including;

  • Health/Fitness Clubs
  • YMCAs
  • Corporate Fitness Centers
  • Recreational Centers
  • Self-employed

Personal Fitness Trainers should possess the following knowledge and skills;

  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Familiarity with a variety of forms of exercise
  • Knowledgeable in basic assessment and development of exercise programs
  • Proficient in leading and demonstrating safe and effective methods of exercise
  • Motivating individuals to begin and to continue with healthy behaviors

Being a personal trainer requires a high level of physical activity, including standing for extended periods of time, demonstrating exercises, and spotting. Ability to lift a minimum of 40 pounds is essential.  Some employers may require a criminal background check.

Professional Certification

While a degree is an important qualification, most employers who hire Personal Trainers are also looking for someone with professional certification from a nationally recognized health/fitness organization.

The Personal Fitness Trainer curriculum is designed to help students prepare for certification with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), two of the most highly regarded certifying organizations in the health and fitness industry.

Learn more about certificate graduation rates and the median debt of students who have completed a certificate program


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